Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Grey Gardens on HBO

I simply do not know  where to start, you just must see this film. I think i am going on my 6th viewing! It is so fascinating the sets, clothes and performances are to die for, you will love it! I am so inspired by the lifestyle shift that they had over the years. Its brilliant when the older woman (Big Edie) is surprised when her niece Jackie O drops in on their mess of a house. She immediately shifts her to the garden and says "are these chairs dirty?" and little Edie puts down paper for them to sit on.No sooner is Big Edie ordering Pâté for her distinguished guest. My big  takeaway moment here is that even while they lived in filth, these women remained fabulous hostesses in their own little ways. So as we live our lives hopefully without tin cans stacked to the ceiling, we can remember to offer guests s little something to eat or drink, and give them a lovely clean place to sit.

Closet Confessions

We all have some skeletons in our closets, for some of us it happens to be our closets themselves. When you open the door do you feel like you should have a helmet on? Or maybe it has been so long since you have seen the floor you don't remember what it looked like... I must admit I have struggled with keeping a tidy closet over the years.  Something finally clicked for me one day, I had just returned from a trip to Chicago where I had bought some new clothes. And when I went to put them in my closet it just didn't feel right, they had come from such a beautiful store and here they were being cast into my less than glamourous closet.  So it hit me, the closet needs to look and feel more like the store, so we got to work.  After years of buying little "organizing products" that don't work I realized that their are basics to buying:

1: If its not strong it wont stay.
2: The way it looks is just as important as 
     how it works.
3: Spend more so you buy less often.

So when we went shopping for this extreme closet makeover the options were simply endless, starting at the overwhelming Ikea where I found this perfect piece for for folded clothing like jeans and t's :

It is amazing how much stronger this "book case" is than something manufactured for a closet. We also found these in expensive lights (12.99) that were a breeze to install. 

I was so surprised at how bright the white shelving and new lights made the closet look. White is the only color to do a closet in my opinion, because then your clothes take center stage. After it was all put back together again I felt like I was at Bloomingdale's every morning having a little shopping spree. So if your like me and you don't know where to start, take some inspiration from the pro's that put together your favorite stores.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

To Dim or not to Dim that really is the question.

When I wake up in the morning the last thing that I want to see is the bright lighting of a bathroom, let alone for dinner at 8pm after a long day. However millions of people across the country live their lives in the same old factory set bright lighting day in and day out, this must stop....TODAY!
May I introduce you to the magnificent lamp dimmer, you simply plug your lamp into this device and instantly you are the controller of your own lighting destiny. All of that for around $10.00. And below we have the light switch dimmer, this will literally change your life, they are very simple to install, however if you are a little weary of the fuze box, simply call a handy friend that will put them in for a case of beer (that is what they drink right?)

It is just really all about the lighting!

As i was flipping through one of the 15 or so magazines that I receive every month, I read something about the soft pink light bulbs that warm the skin tone and soften any room. Well naturally I went on the hunt to find these magnificent bulbs, and its true they really are perfect for dinner parties or any mood lighting in the home.
You can check them out here

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter @ The Ranch

A gorgeous spring afternoon in Southern California was the backdrop to an Easter Luncheon
I just love to set a beautiful table. I honestly believe a gorgeous table setting creates the mood for the event, and certainly lets your guests know that they are in for a treat! I always start with my colors, for this easter i chose silver and pink.
I don't know about you but I am not one to drop a ton of cash on a table setting, particularly for a one day holiday. So I poked around the .99 cents store and found these egg cups 4 for $.99 the only issue, they were orange and yellow....not for long

  After a quick coat of "chrome" spray paint they fit easily into my theme. Paint really is the best "bang for your buck" as so many designers say on TV. Please let me know what you think!