Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I just have to wonder what makes women feel bad for beauty?

The difference between a model and a mom is not all about a waist size. Working with so many people daily has truly given me perspective on how different women relate to themselves and others.

For example it is an actresses job to look amazing all of the time, every audition and trip to the market is a calculated opportunity to meet the right casting director or agent.

The same goes for the single girl, on the market looking for Mr. right. She is more likely to spend time and money on her appearance, and make that a priority.

All of these things can give people confidence and a great excuse to take some "personal time"

The flip side is the married mom. This woman tends to leave her massage gift certificates in the drawer underneath the Chinese takeout Menus. Or re arrange a hair appointment for sometime after soccer season. Until one day a mirror catches her eye and she can no longer see even a fragment of the girl she once was. She then rationalises and says to herself " i just cant take the time away from my kids" and " i had my time, and that has past". Well sweety if that's what your saying to yourself in the mirror, that's how your husband will see you. (her time has past, but my Secretary....) you know the story. However if this woman would simply embrace and seek out opportunity's to take a minute and freshen up a a bit, she would never give that outcome a fighting chance.

I say All of that to say this. Its OK! beauty wont bite, Its OK ! to take some time to re-charge. Its imperative to not let go. Embrace it!