Monday, July 6, 2009

Finally a reason to dress for dinner (in LA)

Living in Los Angeles leaves something to be desired
in the "reason to dress up" department, that is until last
Thursday. Matt and I were joining his dear friend Edwin Seth
Brown for dinner at a new restaurant he had discovered downtown.
Having never eaten downtown I quickly packed a bag and gathered
my passport, because this sounded like quite the ordeal.
I was pleasantly surprised if not shocked when only 20 minutes later
we were valeting the car and walking into what felt like backstage at
Olympus Fashion Week, fierce looks and high energy. The service was
brilliant and they had Moet White Star by the glass, thats enough to make
me want to come back. We ordered several dishes and did it family style,
so we all enjoyed a taste of everything. Finished off with a home made
almond gelato and a breeze through the gourmet market to take a few tastes
home! So if your looking for a great (and affordable) reason to pull out some
fashions and have a night on the (down)town check out Bottega Louie