Monday, March 23, 2009

Modern Spring Dinner Party

One of easiest ways to make a statement when your entertaining is to set a beautiful table. Many of the tables that I see in magazines are beautiful but they look a little too "done" and generally very feminine. When I was thinking of this dinner I really wanted a very streamlined and modern look, with just the slightest touch of whimsy. This all started with the clementines stacked inside of the hurricane glass and went from there with a monochromatic orange color palate for the flowers from Trader Joe's for $5.99. As I stepped away from the table after putting the white table cloth on I realized it needed something to tie it all together, thats when I went digging in my wrapping station for the navy blue grosgrain ribbon for the center line. As I put out the dishes and silverware I was so excited that the navy blue anchor plates looked amazing in this whole scene. I lit all of the votives moments before the guests arrived and everyone loved it, after all it was 7 guys so I was glad I saved all of the pinks and lavenders for my easter brunch.

The Huntington Gardens

If you are looking to escape the planes trains and automobiles in LA but don't have allot of time or spare cash, then you must visit the exquisite Huntington Library and Gardens
in San Marino, CA. On saturday I was out the door at 8 am to do a clients hair and by 9 I was back at the ranch with no plans, until i got a text from my dear friend David inviting me to tour the gardens. A few texts later and I was in the car to pick up David and his friend from San Francisco. On the way we stopped at Julienne for a quick scone and sandwiches for later, which honestly was worth the drive by itself!

We all made our way down to the cactus gardens and on the way up discovered a beautiful waterfall, thats when I asked myself "am I really only 20 minuites from the city?"
Here I am enjoying one of the beautiful terraces, it seems like their should have been a selection of exotic birds singing to us on that terrace.
If you know me you now that i have a slight obsession with silver, so I was elated to find this amazing collection, complete with a computer that lets you design your own. So all in all this was such a fun surprise getaway that was so close to home, I cannot wait to go back and explore the tea houses and other gardens.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Studying to create the best blog out there

I am currently in the process of reading "The Huffington Post Guide to Blogging"
if you know me then you know that I believe their is a book for everything, even "how to make it in Hollywood" So I am embarking on the exciting mission of creating my own fantastic Blog!

Say hello to Lady Doreen

While visiting Ohio I shot this video of Lady Doreen (my grandmother) at my family's bridal store, I worked there from age seven and I learned so much growing up in that Check it out and let me know what you think.